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Shoulder Implants from implantcast GmbH Germany


With the help of extension piece the proximal length of the implant can be extended from 7.5mm up to 17.5mm in steps of 2.5mm. The extension piece has 36 teeth on the both sides.

Wear test indicated less wear of the articulation compared to a system with metal glenosphere.

* Wear test according to ISO 14243. IMA Institute Dresden, test reports A 145/04 and A 145/06.

The glenosphere is made of UHMW-polyethylene. Self-sutting, angle stable cancellous screws can be used with the glenoid to support the primary stability. The chosen design offers the advantage of high range of motion, because the thickness of the shoulder cap inverse is very thin.

The x-rays demonstrate a case in which necrosis of the tubercle leads to a cranial humerus decentralization (fig. A). This situation made the switch-over to the inverse version necessary (fig. B)

Notice: For the primary treatment, at least one extension piece should always be inserted. For a switch-over to an inverse prosthesis, this piece can be removed to shorten the stem length.

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