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Benefits of 3D Printing

Makes Complex Operations Easy

The 3D printed anatomical models enabled doctors to interact with the patient’s specific anatomy and prepare better surgical planning and rehearsal for complex surgeries such as bone tumors, trauma, neurosurgery, chest surgery and CMF surgery.

Improve Surgical Outcome

With better understanding and better planning, the surgery can be executed faster with higher accuracy, which could reduce blood loss, infection risk and surgical cost. As a result, shorten recovery time and improve quality of life after surgery. 

Improve Education

Educate doctors and students on complex pathologies, the 3D virtual or printed models provide better visualization of complex anatomy than normal medical raw data images.

Enhance Communication

Help patients and their families better understand the problem, improve decision making for treatment.

The Procedure

We developed our own modelling tools to generate high quality 3D models from conventional medical images, such as CT, MRI and even ultrasound. 

We provide a comprehensive selection of 3D printing technology and material to suit your specific clinical needs. 

Our experienced team can also custom make different medical devices, such as bone cutting guides, implants and wearables. 

3D models reconstruction and optimization

In the first step, a high-quality 3D model is segmented from CT/MRI/US, for virtual model and texture 3D printing, we can also apply cinematic rendering to generate the vivid visualization of the anatomy

3D Planning

Users can use our 3D annotation tool to plan their cutting planes, drill trajectory and striping areas

Template Design

According to the plan, our engineer will translate your plan into a template to assist your execution in the surgery


Select the right technology and material for 3D printing the anatomical models, surgical template and implants

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