Tumor Implants from implantcast GmbH Germany

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Tumor Implants

Get the most reliable tumor replacement products produced with premium quality materials to improve quality of life of the patients.

Tumor Implants from implantcast GmbH Germany


Bone tumor can occur in different locations, difficult to find the best fit implant and
standard implant may cause excessive cut of healthy bone.
Early and late infections represent the most severe complications of
tumor arthroplastic treatments.


The anti-infective effect of silver ions is known for centuries i.e. the disinfection of potable water is based on this principle. This special property of the silver is used for the silver coated components of MUTARSĀ® to build an intelligent protection against bacteria.

EPORE components are 3D printed and made out of titanium alloy (TiAl6V4). The bone ingrowth surfaces design has a low modulus of elasticity and a high porosity (similar to real bone) so as to encourage bony ingrowth and long term fixation.

With precise 3D planning and 3D printing technology, we can optimize implant location and fixation.

Patient specific instrument such as cutting jig and drill guide will be provided to ensure accurate bone cut and implant fixation.

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